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The world’s best maps & navigation engine
for cycling and micromobility


Next-Gen Routing API

From walking to e-bikes, the Cyclers Navigate tailors routes
for all types of micromobility

Route types

The Widest Range of Route Types

Go beyond standard point-to-point routes—Cyclers also suggests circular routes, multi-stop tours and even routes of a specified length. From mostly direct commuting routes, through a more meandering recreational or tourist routes up to circuits for those sport rides—Cyclers can find them all!

Optimization Criteria

Flexible Route Optimization Criteria

Go beyond time and distance—Cyclers optimizes routes for numerous real-life route-choice criteria, including safety, air-quality, traffic-exposure or comfort. Combine multiple optimization objectives and shape the routes in a way not possible with usual single-criteria routing engines.

Described routes

Better Described Routes

Routes generated by Cyclers come with detailed information, so that cyclists know what to expect on their route. Surface, steepness, popularity or traffic exposure on each route segment as well as hazards reported by the community are described in the suggested routes and can be displayed to the user.

Route types

Cycling Maps And Navigation SDK

From exploring cycling features in an area of interest to reliably guiding riders to their destinations.
Cyclers Navigate SDK enables your riders to find and follow their way.

Wide Range of Route Types

Complete Cycling Maps

Easy-to-read maps optimized for outdoors use, clearly showing all information your riders want to know. Essential information on bike paths, bike lanes, bike parking, and cycle routes. Additional specialized map layers visualizing surface, steepness, air-pollution or traffic intensity information.

Precise Turn-by-Turn Guidance

Easy-to-follow turn-by-turn voice navigation with instructions tailored for cycling and micromobility. Support for different end-user devices, including smartphones, smartwatch or specialized add-on or built-in navigation units.

Community Wisdom

Cyclers processes rider-generated consent into insights and recommendations that cannot be derived from maps alone. Waze-like community reports warn riders about hazards en-route while automatically computed attractivity indices steer the riders towards the safest and more enjoyable routes.

How is Cyclers Better?

Cyclers differs from existing routing solutions in the unique combination of the following features

How is cyclers better
Cycling Map piece

Designed for Cycling

Routing and navigation for bikes and scooters is very different from routing for cars. From data models, through data and search algorithms to API/SDK features, Cyclers Navigate has been built from ground-up exclusively for cycling and micromobility—rather than being a repurposed car routing engine.

Deep tech

Based on Deep Tech

Cyclers Navigate leverages the latest research in AI for routing and navigation. The combination of machine learning from user data and advanced multi-criteria route search has been a tough challenge to engineer—but it gives Cyclers accuracy and flexibility that cannot be matched by ordinary routing engines.


Empowered by Community

Knowledge of local cyclists is invaluable when making route suggestions. That is why Cyclers Navigate systematically collects input from the cycling community and leverages this community input to provide even better and more complete suggestions on how to move on bike safely and enjoyably.

Any Type of
Light & Active Mobility

From walking to e-bikes, the Cyclers Navigate tailors routes
for all types of micromobility

Unicycle Scooter Bicycle Cargo

Provably Best-Quality Cycling Routes

Routes produced by Cyclers has the highest quality—both subjectively and objectively.

Proven by Data

Cyclers routes are the closest to real cyclist trajectories out of all major cycle routing services.

Percentage of test requests on which the given routing service returned a route which most closely matches real-world recorded routes in the given area


Proven by User Feedback

The apps leveraging the Cyclers routing has received an average rating of 4.5 out of almost 2,500 ratings.

“I wanted an app that would get me through the dense car traffic and that's what it does!”​

Person Person Person Railly Mayers

Benefits For Customers

  • Micromobility
  • Mobility as a Service
  • Navigation apps
    and devices
  • Cargo bikes
    and fleets

Micromobility providers

Cyclers will get more users use your service more while keeping the city happy.

Deep tech

Lower the barrier for new users

Make it easier for new users to plan and navigate their first rides around the city. Ensure positive first experience by keeping riders informed and navigating them around stressful locations and situations.

Cycling Map piece

Encourage more rides

Make it easier for your users to use your service to go to places they do not now well. Show them how to get there safely while having fun on the way.


Improve compliance with city rules

Nudge and coach riders to respect traffic rules and city policies. Make it easier for your rides to avoid pavements, respect speed limits and park only at permitted locations.

Getting Started with Cyclers Navigate

Integrating Cyclers Navigate into your product is easy and can be typically accomplished in 4-8 weeks.


Choose your package

Choose whether you will only integrate the routing API or go for a fully-fledged SDK that provides mapping and turn-by-turn navigation functionality on top of the routing itself.

2 Map piece

Integrate with us

Integrate the chosen Cyclers package into your product. Our team of experts will be with you at all times to provide expert advice as well as any customization needed to make most of your technology.


Launch your product

Launch your product and see your users rejoice over the quality of routing and navigation experience. Continue working with us to fine-tune the functionality and integrate additional features to further improve your product.

Described routes