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The world’s first mobile SDK for cycling and
micromobility gamification.


Powers the world’s best-rated cycling apps


Validated by 200.000+ users

Stimulate any outcome you want

From riding more to riding the way you want, Cyclers Motivate can stimulate just any outcome you may want

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More Rides

Get your riders to ride more and further.

Deep tech

Increased Safety and Compliance

Get your riders ride on on safe and permitted routes.


Improved Reballancing

Get riders to pickup and drop-off bikes/scooters in locations you prefer

Full-stack gamification SDK

Providing all the components needed to implement an efficient
gamification logic in your app


User activities

Various user activities can be tracked and then encouraged by the engine.

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Game disciplines

The engine processes user activities and evaluates them for gamification points.


Gamification instruments

The engine applies proven gamification elements to turns points into a rewarding game.


Motivational messages

Based on the rider’s progress in the game, the engine generates messages stimulating desired user activities, thus closing the gamification loop.

Described routes

Engaging game disciplines

Giving you the power to motivate a wide range of desired behaviours.

Grid of disciplines

Proven, effective gamification concepts

Designed to appeal to the various types of motivation – competition, recognition, achievement, collaboration.

Icon Badges

Reward user’s individual progress in various game disciplines.

Icon Leaderboards

Compare user’s accomplishments with other riders in various game disciplines.

Icon Challenges

Motivates user to accomplish a defined goal within a limited period of time.

Easy to setup and run

Enabling you to get started with gamification quickly and with minimum risk and upfront investment.

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