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Cyclers Analytics

Visualize, analyze & optimize
your micromobility transport system


Powerful and Flexible Analytics Pipeline

Cyclers will get you from micromobilty data to actionable insights in no time--while being
customizable to accommodate your specific needs.


Easily Import Your Cycling and Micromobility Data

Cyclers will import your cycling/micromobility data in a variety of formats, including GPX trajectories or GeoJSON data on trips. Your data gets automatically integrated with Cyclers built-in data, such as maps, to create a rich basis for subsequent analysis.

Run Powerful Analytics Algorithms

Run one or more of the Cyclers Analytics engine's algorithms to calculate the desired analytics report. Leveraging the Cycling Navigate engine, the analytics engine can compute a wide range of advanced reports.

Explore and Integrate Analytics Results

Use built-in map-based visualization tools to interactively explore analytics results in your browser---no special tools needed. Or use Cyclers analytics export to get the results as structured files and feeds suitable for integration into your own analytics pipeline.

Trip and Route Analytics

Visualize and understand the movement of your bike and scooter
riders in space and time.

System Analytics

Understand how well the organization of your micromobility service and/or infrastructure serves
your riders and how you could improve it.

Any Type of
Light & Active Mobility

From walking to e-bikes, the Cyclers
Navigate tailors routes for all types of micromobility

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